You can check out our blog on the best open source monitoring tools. Also, many engineers and even fresh college graduates are showing interest in learning kubernetes. Trust me, you will learn a lot from these videos, and no online training will provide that much information on how to run production workloads on AWS. When I say “Get Certified,”please do not use the exam dumpsto pass the certification. It may be useful for the organization to show the clients that they have certified cloud engineers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sysadmin, developer, tester, performance engineer, support engineer, etc.

how to become a devops engineer

Devops engineer’s work is to collaborate with developers and cross-functional teams to make the CI/CD process easy. Most importantly, to spend more time on engineering to automate repeated tasks.

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Joining a professional organization can help you strengthen your skills, advance your career, and grow your professional network. Organizations like the DevOps Institute offer certification training, hold events, and help members keep up with emerging technologies. The first step in becoming a DevOps engineer is having a clear understanding of the role, including the culture. Successful DevOps engineers must communicate to team members and be willing to listen to their team. Time management and flexibility are also vital to DevOps engineering. Finding a mentor in the field can give you valuable insight into DevOps culture and day-to-day responsibilities. Are you thinking of becoming a Devops Engineer or already started your career and planning the next step?

how to become a devops engineer

An overall understanding of Infrastructure components is a must for a person who wants to practice or work in a DevOps environment. For example, when you get into meetings with network/security teams, with a fair amount of infrastructure knowledge you can ask the right questions, understand what they are saying and collaborate better. Sounds simple enough but orchestrators make certain assumptions about how your application is designed. For example, they assume that configuration is passed as environment variables and that your data is not saved within the actual container. So sometimes migrating an application to an orchestrator to make it scalable requires re-engineering it to make it a microservice.


A DevOps workflow offers advantages to companies in terms of efficiency and performance. Pursuing a DevOps engineer career path can be a great option for people who are interested in information technology . In this article, we explain what DevOps is and what engineers in this field do, plus offer tips on how to become a DevOps engineer.

how to become a devops engineer

Infrastructure flexibility is enhanced with continuous monitoring that makes it easier for teams to manage and secure their applications. Whether it be the task of source code management or configuration & deployment or any other, all are required to be automated.

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Statistically, the demand for DevOps professionals in the employment market has increased by about 35-45% over the last 2 to 3 years, and that number is growing rapidly. DevOps is currently a challenging task that requires a wide range of skills as well as adequate experience and in-depth knowledge in this area. It’s no wonder DevOps is set to dominate the IT world in the future. And if you’re looking forward to your career as a DevOps engineer, then you are on the right track!.

At this stage, DevOps Engineers sit down and visualize the results, i.e. what the software application will be. Once the vision is in place, developers start writing and maintaining the code.

Devops Foundations: Continuous Delivery

They might also devise new strategies to help the software development process thrive. Employers are looking for people who are competent with deployment processes, accurate deliveries, business processes, continuous testing, code repository, continuous process, and application code. There are numerous opportunities for career development in the DevOps field. Once you master the skills required to use DevOps tools, lucrative career opportunities will be open to you. You could become a site reliability engineer, software release manager, or senior development operations engineer. DevOps is one of those fields where your soft skills are just as important for your success as your mastery of technical skills. In this role, you need to be able to work effectively with other developers and engineers as well as your superiors to ensure a productive and streamlined development cycle.

Some companies choose CodeDeploy over Jenkins, making it another useful DevOps tool to learn. Ansible concerns itself with server-desired state configuration, ensuring that servers are configured to specs. Both may seem complex at first, but they’re all based around configuration files written in YAML. In the banking industry for example, the Google AI/ML tools are creating new ways of doing business, plus adding fraud detection and usage-pattern tracking.

Top Devops Certifications, Courses, Trainings And Internships

Unlike the past, now Ops can specify the stack once as a declarative configuration file and can deploy multiple times. Also, Deployment becomes fast and can occur instantly on every commit.

A DevOps engineer is an advocate for the DevOps method on top of everything else they do within the team, so understanding the concepts behind the technology is key. Cloud services provide many benefits, including the cost savings and scalability that result when you no longer need to host your own servers for your application. Naturally, it’s important to understand the different cloud services available and their unique costs and benefits so you can select the best hosting for your finished applications. Operating systems are a crucial piece of the technology stack that a DevOps team needs to function. OSs not only power the local machines that the team uses to communicate and complete their tasks, but OSs also run the servers that host the team’s deployed applications. DevOps covers a range of technology and tools that will take some time to learn.

While DevOps engineers do not necessarily create code, they should understand coding, scripting, and programming languages. They must also be adept at using software development and testing tools, configuration management tools, applications software, storage devices, and information security systems. The fundamental pre-requisite of a devops engineer is to understand the DevOps culture and core practices. Devops engineers need to familiarize themselves how to become a devops engineer with how the tools and ideas at the core of DevOps fit together. A DevOps engineer, you won’t be working directly with the software code, however understanding the software development life cycle is important. Your main job as a DevOps engineer is to build the solutions that assist your IT and development teams in releasing software. But this is a technical role, and you might need to write some code to configure tools or automate vital tasks.

DevOps is all about cross-team collaboration, so it’s key to hone those skills, said Bridget Kromhout, principal cloud developer advocate at Microsoft and lead organizer of the DevOpsDays conference. Practitioners must learn to lead development, infrastructure, operations, security, testing, product, and any other related teams, she said. There is no formal career path to becoming a DevOps engineer, according to Puppet.

How To Become A Devops Engineer In Six Months

You’ll learn how to apply these skills to start a business or improve the operations of an existing business. If you’re interested in becoming a DevOps engineer, you’ll have to earn a bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to computer science, math, or electronics engineering. For example, the online Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems program at Maryville University aims to teach students how to use logical thinking to solve problems. DevOps engineers build out and manage IT infrastructures and provide support for their users. They may supervise and collaborate with the development, security, and operations team to improve a company’s infrastructure security.

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It is the practice of continuously integrating all the code from different developers, testing them, and deploying the successful code to production. Deploying to production will mainly require spinning up new containers, which is again automated using scripts. The work of a DevOps engineer is highly in demand in the tech field today, and this career offers numerous growth opportunities. In addition, companies are prepared to pay top dollar for their services.

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